What have I done?!

When crocheting a baby sweater, chain 30 and increase while working back and forth. Crochet for about six inches before splitting for front, sleeves, and back.
When crocheting a baby sweater, chain 30 and increase while working back and forth. Crochet for about six inches before splitting for front, sleeves, and back.


ABC baby blanket was crocheted using ‘popcorn’ stitches to make the letters bubble up.



One of my first craft shows. Great weather and lots of fun!

IMG_2833IMG_3663 IMG_5476 IMG_8200 377554_4763310159413_1581358595_n 247642_4763311039435_810836091_n IMG_8381 IMG_8406 IMG_9912 IMG_1694 IMG_1700 IMG_1878 IMG_1925 IMG_1927 IMG_1931 IMG_4263 IMG_4269 IMG_4276 IMG_4284 IMG_4286 IMG_4293 FotoFlexer_Photo IMG_4367 IMG_4372 IMG_4378 IMG_4912 IMG_4964_fotor IMG_5095 IMG_5107 IMG_5113 IMG_5125 IMG_5136 IMG_5151 IMG_5172_fotor Olenas Crafts IMG_859_fotor olenas crafts photo 9 20 13_fotor IMG_5188_fotor Bella Marquez IMG_5196_fotor Jake and the Neverland Pirate Sword - Original Pattern IMG_5340 IMG_6707 IMG_6710 IMG_6806 IMG_6807 IMG_0276 IMG_7052 IMG_7061 IMG_7065 IMG_7096 IMG_7111 IMG_7122 IMG_7124 IMG_7137 IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7142 IMG_7146 IMG_7207 IMG_7294 IMG_7319 IMG_7346 IMG_7362 IMG_7376 IMG_7393 IMG_7471 IMG_7486 IMG_7489 IMG_7493 IMG_7525 IMG_7537 IMG_7541 IMG_7544 IMG_7552 olenascrafts bee hat olenascrafts11.jpg OlenasCraftsLionBeFunky_Cartoonizer_233.jpg OlenasCraftsLIonBeFunky_null_4.jpg OlenasCraftsFlipFlopsBeFunky_IMG_7615.jpg IMG_7624 IMG_7631 olenascraftsminionBeFunky_IMG_7632.jpg olenascraftsheartsBeFunky_Underpainting_242.jpg olenascraftsdogBeFunky_IMG_7678.jpg olenascraftsoolonghatBeFunky_null.jpg IMG_7706 OlenasCraftsGreenBootiesBeFunky_IMG_7710.jpg olenascraftstopBeFunky_IMG_7721.jpg olenascraftspinkhatBeFunky_IMG_7732.jpg IMG_7735 olenascraftscrossstrapbootiesBeFunky_IMG_7741.jpg olenaBeFunky_IMG_7758.jpg poohBeFunky_IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7816 IMG_7818 owlhatBeFunky_null.jpg lambhatBeFunky_IMG_7799.jpg mickeyBeFunky_IMG_7839.jpg cloverBeFunky_IMG_7848.jpg IMG_7855 bluebootiesBeFunky_IMG_7875.jpg poohboxBeFunky_IMG_7879.jpg yellblueboxBeFunky_IMG_7887.jpg pinkBeFunky_IMG_7894.jpg blueblanketBeFunky_IMG_7906.jpg boybootiesBeFunky_IMG_7911.jpg 1964950_10201704246755284_311672586_n IMG_7988 IMG_7990 IMG_8527 IMG_8869 flipflops51214.jpg IMG_8890 SmallpyramidtoyBeFunky_IMG_8910.jpg babycowboyhatBeFunky_IMG_8922.jpg heartscardiganBeFunky_IMG_8938.jpg bringwarmthBeFunky_IMG_7615.jpg giraffeBeFunky_IMG_9026.jpg IMG_9020 elephantonBeFunky_IMG_9041.jpg elephantBeFunky_IMG_9094.jpg babyghostBeFunky_IMG_9138.jpg IMG_9110 IMG_9123 IMG_9141 bagBeFunky_IMG_9150.jpg IMG_9152 IMG_9163 IMG_9217

This is a very popular sweater, lots of color options and so fun to make!




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