Lamb toy completed

Hi all!

Check out my completed lamb amigurumi. Pattern was for $5.00 by Anatillea.


I would change two things on the pattern, otherwise it was great. There was no note to mention that you should not turn your work right side out (like you typically do when crocheting.) On the first go, I turned my worked right side out so my puff stitches were hidden inside. So on the second go, when attaching the beige for the head, I had to chain one and turn my work, so that the head stitches were facing the right way with the puff stitches.




The second thing I would do differently is to crochet the ball and not fasten off, but continue to make the chain, and at the end of the chain to attach to the cap, then continue slip stitching on the chain down to the ball. That will prevent a ton of sewing.

I really do love the pattern and the way the toy lamb came out!


What is your favorite go-to pattern?


As always, thanks for stopping by!



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