Knitting a hat and free pattern!

Hi all!

Thought I’d change it up a bit. You know I love to crochet, but I love knitting just as much. I’ve been on point with crocheting lately, and got crocheted out! What remedy can I use? Ah, knitting. Yes!

Check out my work in progress and a quick free pattern below. Message me with questions!

The yarn label had a hat pattern on it, so I looked it up on the Lion Brand website, which is getting a face lift. I had to modify the pattern because the largest needles I had were 8.00 mm and the original pattern calls for 9.00 mm.

The label also has a ruler on it, keeper!

Bulky Hat


8mm circ needles. I’m using Addie Click Lace Interchangeable Circular Knitting Nedles.

Bulky yarn size 6. I’m using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Stripes in Hudson Bay.


Cast on 44. K2p2 for 2.5 inches (10 rows)

Inc 8 stitches around to have (52). I did *knit 6, inc* around and kept with the pattern.

Knit until work measures 7″.

Knit 5, dec


Knit4, dec


Knit 3, dec


Knit 2, dec. FO. Weave in tail and snap a photo!


 In what yarn will you make this hat? Post your comments and photos!

As always, thanks for checking this out!



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