Off the hook and works in progress

Hi all,

Just a ton of stuff going on these days and I love it!
I finished this hat for my friend. It took about five hours over two days to make. Yes, it’s different than the last two. =)


And I’m working on a crochet hat, just to use up the left over yarns I have from the other two or three wool hats. I’m knitting a slouchy hat in the Lion Brand yarn cuz I want a gift for myself. =) And finally, I am crocheting a penguin toy for a custom order. Yay!


What are you working on now?


As always, thanks for stopping by.



3 thoughts on “Off the hook and works in progress

    1. Hi Jess, yes I love to knit and crochet! I started in 2008 so i feel confident going off patterns in my head now-a-days. If you need any knitting help, let me know, Id be glad to share what I know! I teach crochet lessons too. I recently started teaching my cousin, and taught a friend of mine who finished her first hat yesterday! Thanks so much!!- Olena

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