Penguin toy complete and pattern review

Hi all,

Check this out! I loved crocheting this little guy, still working on the hat for him. Watch me put him together on Periscope! I loved the way people were interacting and asking questions. It was awesome. Thank you guys!


I really like the way this penguin toy came out, however I would do some things differently next time around.


Things I learned:

  • Triple crochet for the eyes
  • Puff stitch for toes
  • Sewing two color body shapes together


Things I would change:

  • Crochet the body and head together to avoid seaming
  • Crochet the wing in one piece instead of two to avoid seaming
  • Use intarsia or other color work for the body instead of crocheting two body pieces and sewing together


What penguin patterns have you used? Comment!


As always, thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I must have not saved the original version of this post because I did it once, and this is the second faster version. =)


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