Belle – a free crochet flower pattern

Hello my Creatives!


I am working on my spring hat and right now it is just white. I am crocheting different flowers, large and small, to attach to my hat so it will be more… Spring-y!

I found this flower, but wanted to write out the pattern from the chart. Makes it easier for me sometimes!




Materials: DK yarn in blue and navy and a G6/4.00 mm hook


Flower Pattern

With purple,

  1. Ch 8, join, ch 5, (tr, ch 1) x 14. Join
  2. ch 1, sc 30. FO. Join Blue
  3. ch 1, (sc 2, ch 6, quadruple crochet x 2, ch 8, sc 2) x 5, join
  4. ch 1, [(sc, sc in ch 6, cdc, dc 4, tr 4, quadruple crochet, ch 3, join to base of ch 3, in next ch 6 – quadruple crochet, tr 4, dc 4, cdc, sc) sc 2] x 5. FO, join purple
  5. Start working on hdc (6 sc, 6 dc, ch 2, 6 dc, 6 sc) x 5
  6. start working in 2nd sc (sc 8, dc 5, ch 3, join to base of ch 3, dc 5, sc 8, long sc to 4th ch of 2nd round) x 5. Join. FO.


Would you like to me write out any other charted patterns?






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