Don’t Be Shady – a free crochet floppy brim hat pattern

Grab the PDF version at the bottom!

Have you ever looked for a statement piece that would be your go-to? Something you love to wear, day in and day out, because when you DO wear it, you get sooo many compliments? Add this to your collection. You’re welcome!

This hat is thick, snug, and warm! I use the bobble stitch here in a contrasting color. Sometimes also called the popcorn stitch or puff stitch, but bobble is the best word for it! I call it ‘Sail the Seas’ because of the bumpy blue nature. Because I believe in exploring the world and having fun doing it! To be awed and amazed is something we forgot how to do and take it for granted. Let’s notice the beautiful things again!

Design Creation

I use large pieces of paper (that I get from AC Moore for $0.55) as backdrops for my photos. I took one out and brought out crayons, pencils, and markers for my son to doodle on. Of course, I start doodling with him, and lo’ and behold – I drew an earflap hat with a blue pencil and gave it polka dots. That inspired me! I wanted to crochet an earflap hat with staggered blue bobbles on a white background.

The best way for me to write a pattern is to write it as I am crocheting the piece, otherwise, I will never write the pattern down. That’s a good challenge, considering my son loves anything electronic and I cannot type on the computer without his little head in front of my face, and little fingers swiping and clicking on everything. He’s pretty good for a two year old.

I looked up some bobble patterns and photos, and there were only like two that I liked the look of, so I had some ideas. One was the Bobble Crochet Stitch by Marly Bird, found here. The other was the Polka Dot Blanket by Daisy Farms Crafts, found here.

So what happens is, I don’t like the way the bobbles are arranging themselves – they are going in a spiral, and that’s not what I wanted. But see spiral pattern at the bottom of the post. Note to self: never delete what you typed up, cuz you might need it later. I frog (rip back, rip it, ribbit) the work from row ten to row four and begin again, changing strategies.This time, it is coming out the way I hoped, but still a little too close together. I am thinking of working another version of this hat, with just white rows in between the bobble rows, so there aren’t so many bobbles.

I started crocheting a 6 dc tube for the earflap tassles and increasing in each stitch then decreasing to make a sphere at the end, but definitely did not like the way it was coming out. It looked like… mens privates! So… I’m still thinking of the best tassel combo for this hat. And a pom pom, it might need a pom pom. This design took me two days to complete.

Can’t make this hat right now?





Yarn – Bernat Softee Baby yarn in white

Hook – G6/4.00 mm



Ch 2 and work in same st as chain at the beginning of each round unless otherwise specified.

Sl st to join at the end of each round.

Do not turn for the body of the hat.

Repeat from * to *.

Numbers in parentheses are stitch counts – how many stitches there are supposed to be at the end of the round.


Stitches Used

Dc – double crochet

Inc – increase – two double crochet in one stitch


FO – fasten off – sl st, pull yarn through, cut. Weave in ends.



With white,

1. Ch 3, dc 12 in third chain from hook (12)

2. *Inc* around   (24) *Dc, inc* around (36)

4. *Dc 2, inc* around (48)

5. *Dc 3, inc* around (60)

6. *Dc 4, inc* around (72)

7. *Dc 5, inc* around (84)

8 – 17 (18) Dc in each stitch around (84)


Continue for both sizes:


18 (19). *Dc, inc* around (125)

19 (20). *Dc 2, inc* around (166)

20 (21) – (24) 25. Dc in each stitch around (166) FO. Weave in tail.



You’re all done!

Grab the PDF version of this pattern Sails the Seas Hat!

Post your photos, link your blogs, share, comment, subscribe! Use the #OHCDesigns


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