Red and White Snow Flake Cowl – Free Knitting Pattern

chart fair-isle-zig-zag-hat-pattern-for-jeff_5808chart snowflake_24584IMG_1844IMG_2192IMG_2193

by Olena Huffmire


Size 7 16” circular needle

Cotton-Ease size 4 yarn

Plastic, large eyed sewing needle


Gauge: 6 sts and 6 rows=1”


CO 144 sts with red,

  1.    purl
  2. change to white, knit
  3. purl with white
  4. change to red, knit
  5. purl w red
  6. change to white, knit
  7. purl with white
  8. change to red, knit
  9. purl w red
  10. change to white, knit
  11. purl with white
  12. 12-15. change to red, knit
  13. 16-42. chart patt knit
  14. 43-46. knit in red
  15. change to white, knit
  16. purl with white
  17. change to red, knit
  18. purl w red
  19. change to white, knit
  20. purl with white
  21. change to red, knit
  22. purl w red
  23. change to white, knit
  24. purl with white
  25. change to red, knit
  26. purl w red

F.O. using sewn off cast off or any other elastic cast off.




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